Tips for a Caribbean Cruise

Like the legendary pirates of the Silver Screen, you can explore the waters of the Caribbean in an awe-inspiring journey through the Atlantic. Caribbean cruises offer days of fun and nights of excitement, and there is much you can do to make the most out of your Caribbean adventure. The following are some tips to have the cruise of a lifetime.

  • Live the life of adventure – go on the excursions

Imagine snorkeling though sapphire seas, eye to eye with the fascinating sea life of this blue world. Imagine sailing on a boat crafted of glass, peering through a window under your feet to the hidden world of the seas. Imagine racing through the waves at breakneck speeds on a jet ski, feeling the wind whip through your hair as you journey on your own personal roller coaster.

The exotic ports of the Caribbean offer all of this and more in fun-filled, action-packed excursions. They can help you get the most out of any Caribbean cruise. Of course, most of these excursions cost extra, and some to a significant amount, so do consider this when planning such a trip, but they can provide a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

  • Savor every morsel – enjoy the luscious food

The feasts of cruise ships are almost legendary. Savory morsels tempt the taste buds of even the most distinguishing connoisseurs. Explore and enjoy this sumptuous fare. Many cruise ships offer a variety of restaurants and eateries – try to rotate in order to get the most out of the offerings. Again, be aware of any premiums charged for certain restaurants. While at the ports, try the flavorful Caribbean cuisine. You will enjoy unfamiliar yet lavish flavors as you sample the fare of the local Caribbean restaurants. Travel out of your culinary comfort zone, and you may be surprised by what you find.

  • Curtains up – See the fabulous entertainment

Many ships of the sea offer a variety of dazzling entertainment in a virtual feast for the eyes. Depending on the ship, cruise line and particular cruise, you can see dancers in dazzling costumes, hilarious comedy and sultry singers. Shows are abounde, both on the ship and off, and they range so as to suit passengers of differing ages and tastes. Many of these shows are included in the price, so you will lose nothing if you sample a performance. Be open to new experiences, and see shows you normally wouldn’t.

  • Go out on the town

The Caribbean has many beautiful tropical towns that offer gorgeous beaches, authentic cuisine, amusing marketplaces and much more. Even if you do not partake in formal excursions, you can still enjoy the local flavors and culture. Explore the world of the islands. Talk to the local people. If there are any festivals occurring, try to partake. Enjoy the world beyond your own backyard.

  • Dance the night away

Many cruises offer a variety of dances on board their ships. From fun fast dancing clubs to dignified balls, you will have your choice of festivities to enjoy. Dance at the ones you like or dance at them all to get the most out of your Caribbean cruise. Be sure to bring proper attire if you wish to attend the more formal dances as some of them do require more elaborate wear. It can be a unique opportunity for you to feel like Cinderella (or the Prince) dancing at the grand ball.

  • Purchase a souvenir to remind you of your travels

There will be no shortage of opportunities to purchase souvenirs at the shops and markets of the islands. Many of them derive a substantial amount of income from tourists, so purchasing a gift for yourself or for the family and friends back home will not only be nice for you but beneficial to the local economy as well. Try to find something that is meaningful and will be an easy-to-keep reminder of your cruise of the Caribbean.

  • Enjoy the amenities and features of the boat

Some of the cruise ships are akin to little towns, so wide in breadth and amenities. Cruise ships have been known to have amazing amenities from zip lines to water parks to comedy clubs to beauty salons and more. Get a relaxing massage as you gaze upon the Atlantic. Try your hand at a little gambling. Try a water aerobics class. Many of the amenities come included in the cruise – why not try them? You can broaden your horizons, and might enjoy something you never dreamed you would try. Anything you feel that you can do, you might want to do to get the most out of the cruise.

  • Choose your cruise wisely

A popular destination, the Caribbean ports host a variety of cruise ships and cruise lines. Do your research when choosing your cruise to ensure that you get the one that is best for you and your needs. Certain cruises have more included, visit different islands and target different people. They also offer different excursions. Of course, they offer different packages and prices. To get the most out of your Caribbean cruise, do your research and choose the cruise that will offer the most that you want to do.

  • Meet new people on the ship and at the ports

So many fascinating people walk the Earth – it’s amazing what you can learn from a stranger. Be friendly to the people around you, and you will be rewarded with lively conversations and perhaps even a new friend or two. A Caribbean cruise is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. They may have fascinating tales to share, and you never know what can come of a new relationship.

  • Learn about the culture and history of the Caribbean

A cruise can be more than fun; it can be educational as well. Many of the islanders have called the Caribbean their home for their entire lives. You can learn much about this corner of the world. For many learning is a lifelong process, and what better souvenir to come back with than knowledge?

As your ships sails the Caribbean under a brightly shining sun or glistening stars, you will have the opportunity to make your trip the vacation of a lifetime. Look to the above tips to get the most out of your Caribbean adventure.

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